Iam planning to do a project on control of robotic rover by wireless.
1. A rover controlled by 2 seperate motors will be desgned & fabricated.
2. A digital video camera(21x optical zoom) will be fixed on the rover whose orientation will inturn be controlled by 2 seperate motors.
3. A laptop will be fixed on the rover & will act as a slave recieving & transmitting data from the camera or literally streaming the video from the rover to a main PC server via the existing Wireless LAN of our campus.
4.The same laptop will analyse the video from the server frame by frame & image processing will be done for speed & inertia control of the system primarily. Further the same analysis will be used to align the camera in real time with a driver light source which will be arbitrarily lighted anywhere around the robo by a user.
5. Finally we also plan to used a second camera to calaculate the depth of the source & if possible reconstruct a 3d Image of the room(Have'nt yet finalized on this).

This is the brief of our project idea to be completed in one year.
Can you help in regards to any aspect of this topic or kindly guide us to some valuable links or help sites/forums.
Also be open about the feasibility of the project specially about using two cameras(Can it done using a single one?).

Any help will be highly appreciated & thanks in advance.