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    hi there,

    I just want to tell you about Sunday Market in Bangalore.
    This will be ideal place to buy DC motors and old hardisks, floppy disks(for Stepper motors).

    Last sunday I and my friend Guru, went there to buy some motors.
    At one place we saw around 40,50 small DC motors. each he was selling for 10 rupees. we took a battery and tested randomly, we didnt find not even one motor which is not working ( out of 10 trials).
    finally after bargain, that fellow gave us all 50 motors (I dont know exactly how many motors are there) for the price of Rs 250/-, there are 4,5 stepper motors are there among them.

    after few shops(they are not shops, they keep all those motors on roadside and sell), I saw another 100 motors, but I didnt buy them, I left them for you.

    So I thought to share this information with you.
    Place Bangalore- sunday market, near Majestic.
    Timing: Sunday morning 9:30 we went there.

    We also brought few 2 hardisks, and 2 floppy drives, hoping atleast two of the stepper motor will work(each drive comes with 2 stepper motors).
    For each drive we paid 50 Rs/-.

    I am currently trying to do a motor controller through PC serial port.

    BTW, you got freinds abroad ?
    I recently got a PDA( winCE 2.0 based, which has a serial port) and 2 MB memory for the price of 700 Rupees.
    Old pda's are very cheap in US, Europe.
    PDA robot.

    The hardest part is getting the serial port working(currently I got my pc to Laptop serial port program working).Once I succeed, I will post the complete process.

    Its already 4:30 in the morning, goodnite,

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    Hey kishore,
    Could you please tell me where exactly is this sunday market?

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    Default sunday market location

    sunday market is near Majestic bustand,
    you can ask any shop owner about "sunday market",
    people keep those items on sunday morning times starting around morning 9.

    good luck

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    Thanks Kishore

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