I need a WIN XP GUI (for dummies) to edit the variables in a AT89S8252 chip.

I am now using a test board MB1 (http://www.digitronics.com.br/catalo...roducts_id=148) for PC/AT89S8252 communication. The chip is locked but it is possible to access it to change some variables. Is this easy? (Reading the content of an address and then writing a new value to the address). I have very little C experience but access to uVision (Kiel), uC51, BASCOM, ATMELISP ... so I need someone to write the code!

I need to develop a Win XP GUI that could edit the hex file and show the variables in decimal in a window, allowing them to be modified by user (not a programmer). Then save and write the hex file to chip (via RS232 serial port).

I can test it to read some variables already on the chip and verify that they are reading correctly.
When testing (or debugging) some code under uVision, can I prompt the user to enter a value for the address to be read from chip?

What is your cost to do develop this?