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Thread: Help needed in robotics!

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    Default Re: docel;ice.

    ya i think your ideas are good and ive designed some posters fo starting a robo freaks club here in our college.....
    for the stuff needed all we have is a shop in nearby ambala which supply electronics stuff and few in delhi but someone told me that the shops in delhi offer low grade products...
    well if im going for a bigger plan then i can get the live things from mumbai only as my dad works there.... so ice yar do tell me the place in mumbai from where i can get good stuff.. and if you have any tutorial of simple line follower then please mail me at
    it would be of great help as i have remained out of touch of this subject for a long time and was busy in ethical hacking with ankit fadia..
    he came to our college last sunday and the lecture was grreeeaaat!!!!
    just keep guiding me like this man and i think ill leave a good impact on college and then i think our administration has to do something about robotics.

    reply needed

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    Default hey ice!

    hey brother dont worry about courtesy man!
    guide me till the end and you have it!

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