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Thread: displaying graph in vb

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    Default displaying graph in vb


    can any one tell me how to display grap in vb, i am maknig a dso ,the one available on this site was supporting only 20khz ,but i want to see the ultrasonic signals that my reciver recieves.
    so i am going to plot the graph on pc using VB,but i am not geting the library ,that i should use?
    if any one has used this please help me


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    Default Mschart


    There is mschart control in the VB6....Change the chart type property to 3 you can get the chart that looks like graph.....


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    Default vb plotting signal

    i tried to use the mschart charttype 3,
    but i am not able to plot the data,
    i will explain what i want to do and if you know how to it please tell me.
    i am going to convert the input signal >30khz &&<100khz
    in to digital form by 8bit adc,and than transmit the digital word serialy to pc visual basic.
    there i want to plot the input signal,on xy axis.
    please do tell me how can i do it.i am not able to use the mschart properties properly,i did go through msdn library,if any body has done same thing in past please can you send me the code

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    Default displain graph in visual basic

    thanks i was able to plot in visual basic i did use the ms chart and used the vtcharttype2dxy for plotting the graph.
    this is the code
    1)make a form and use mschart tab,rename it to chart 1,and add the code to chart1's click option

    Private Sub chart1_Click()
    chart1.chartType = VtChChartType2dXY
    chart1.RowCount = 1
    chart1.ColumnCount = 1

    Dim arrPrices(1 To 255, 1 To 2)

    Dim i, j, k As Double
    'i am using 8bit adc so i am dividing the signal rage 0 to 2pi by 255
    j = (2 * 3.14) / 255
    k = j

    For i = 1 To 255 Step 1

    arrPrices(i, 1) = i
    arrPrices(i, 2) = 100 * Sin(j)
    j = j + k

    Next i
    chart1.ChartData = arrPrices

    End Sub


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