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Thread: Need funding / funded project ?

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    Hi all!!

    I'm in Fifth sem. of b.e. mech. I'm loking forward for new ideas based on simple robotics which i can start with. I'm heaving a deep interest in robotics but can't find anyone related to it, so can anyone give me some ideas??? it may be usefull for others also.

    So, plz... If any one can help me. i would be glad....
    Plz reply.. I'm waiting if anyone can come forward......

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    You are " looking " for 'ideas'
    Have you ever thought of "thinking" ????
    Your query looks like whar=t it is:to get somnebody's help, buy a project over the counter and claim that You "made" it......
    This seems to be the modus operandi with college students now!!!
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    hai vikas...
    i am a 5th sem engg student and really interested in robotics....... these days i am working on a project but .....have the same problem as u mentioned ....$$$$$$ . i even tried to fulfill it by working in
    a showroom for partime . But have to leave it due to physical strain which
    departed me from studies and robotics too............. i have ideas to work on though i am new in implementing it in real so facing financial crisis..
    i will be greatful if can fund me in exchange of work...
    waiting for reply..

    with regards.....

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    hi i am phani kumar yadavilli i am also in the same condition presently u r in i am havin lot of ideas n lot of projects i need money tats all so kindly accept my request and my email is

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    Default funding

    hey vikas

    i am a new user ....right nw im participating vid a team in a national level robotics competetion calld 'robocon'......I was havin some problems in the funding ..and was wondering if u could help me out with it....right nw im in delhi .....our designs are all ready,for u to see...

    It would be real gr8 if u could help us


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    Default Forming a group or someting!!!

    Hello Vikas,

    Have you ever thought of forming a group or something to create something big? I mean the trouble in robotics is often lack of patience, lack of total knowledge and of course lack of funding. There has be a failure first time (in my case many times :? ) but people give up. But when a group of like minded people tries to do something, even if there is a chance of failure here also but then they know they have each others support.

    As you might have noticed big things created all around world in robotics are seldom created solo. They are groups. Like you can take this for an instance This a kind of project which might be actually fabricated with a little over $500 budget (Which is not very big, I guess). And the result is something like this...

    I guess the images speaks for themselves (priceless)

    And there are several other ideas also (Big things) which doesn't require much money but loads of intelligence and knowledge. So if we can form a group of like minded people we really brighten out chances in materializing our ideas (Going to space ).

    I sincerely expect your take on this.


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    Yep its true , and yes ive seen this project before i think linked to it.

    Anyhow right now Im planning to launch a new affordable robotics platform,So i am assembling a team etc.

    Lets see how things go. Ill post a a Invite for all on the frontpage once we get started.
    Vikas Patial

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