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    I intend to develop an Indian version of CotsBot . These bots use Mini-Z Racer which costs $90 onwards. I recently bought a chinese rc car (known as V12) from Sadar Bazar , Delhi for INR 130/- . These car though have a large turning radius and runs on 4 AA bateries. So, can ne1 suggest (or sell) the following (with costs in INR and source)

    1. A RC Car
    2. A 7.2v LiMH / LiON battery pack
    3. A Motor controller chip/board to control two motors.

    P.S. These are for a department project so i will be needing 10 or so units of these.

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    1.good quality RC cars can be bought off (all sorts depending on your budget)

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    3. use L293D IC for the motor controller.. check for the price in your region at the buy and sell section...


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    I recently bought a chinese car for rs. 800 which had two good quality gearboxes(skid steer)with motors, a 7.2 v NiCd pack, charger and a good quality receiver circuit with two powerful h-bridges. And plus 4 good quality tyres . He also had a car with two big tyres for rs 600. I think u can also get a type of this from good toy stores/china market.

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