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    I have the following requirement. Please suggest whether it is possible or not. If possible what is the cost of implementing it.

    1. An object is placed in a ground. Consider it as a point with X,Y & Z Coordinations. Say 0,0,0.

    2. Can a device be prepared which will show the X, Y & Z coordinates of the object if moved from 0,0,0 to any other place. The object will be moved just a little distance say within an area of 100 sq. ft only.

    3. If the above is possible, can the x,y,z coordinates be transferred as an ordinary text file to a computer i.e., like text messages of mobile are transferred to computer via e-mail.

    What my observation that this is an opposite process of robotics. In robotics you prepare an instrument which commands the robot. i.e. if you press the right button of the remote the robot moves right (i.e. some x axis movement by "n" inches might be specified by you) . I want the opposite i.e. if i move any object by right the information of how much it moves right should be known and converted in a text file.

    The above operation need not be wireless. There is not problem if the object is attached by a wire to the device.

    As I find you online now, I am sending this mail.

    My requirement is urgent, so I want to know whether it can be done or not, or any nearby suggestions which can help to get the above result.

    My e-mail –

    Thanks and Regards,


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    You need the Z coordinate also for object on ground ???

    anyhow a combination of Gyroscopes and Accelorometes should do the trick .

    GPS could have worked but for a larger distances

    Are ou allowed to build a local positioning system - place suppose 4 sonar emitters at the ends of the field and use them to calcuate the distance moved ... by using speed of sound to calculate distance .

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    Hey why dont you use Devantech's Electronic Compass ! It has a least count of 1 degree and it gives you serial output via I2C. I hope this will solve your position finding problem in 2 dimensions and for 3D as Vikas said then you can use a combination of accelerometres and gyroscopes.

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    Default mouse solution

    use a mouse with a long cable :lol:

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    use a stepper motor and use the RAM of the microcontroller to log the track...and then use the serial or parallel port to write to a text file...but u have to search for a software...if u dont get it...u can write a simple port program that will handle this part using c.....

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    could u be more specific with the problem as what object is it whos coordinate r to be measured,


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