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Thread: need help for tsop 1738 reciever circuit

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    Default need help for tsop 1738 reciever circuit

    hi friends,

    i am newbie.

    i am building obstacle avoidances robot as my final year project.
    can any one help me regarding the infrared concept to used in this project.

    i have built circuit to generate 38khz using 555 timer and given it to infrared led.i have problem with reciver circuit how to place that on robot.

    please tell me how to construct reciver section.i have got tsop 1738
    reciever ic and how to connect it to 89c51.please reply soon.

    my project deadlines is by end of january.

    thanks in advance.

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    hey i dont recommend the tsop 1738.
    it does not work very well, it has very small sensitive area, try the til81,

    anyways , to use it just use a inverter and a buffer

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