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    hi frds,

    i am santosh i have got stuck with my ir module can any one please help i will narrate wat i have done.

    firstly i have generated 38khz frequency signal using 555 timer and following values of ra=1k,rb=16.65k,and capacitances is 1nf.

    and i have used tsop 1738 detector and i have built circuit given supply of 5v and wat i observe is when no signal is given to 555 but too vout of tsop 1738 is high and when givn signal is also high.

    please urgent help is required i need to buit obstacle avoidances robot.

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    is ur cicuit working - test with a TV remote ....also TSOP gives high only ... low when signal is detected .

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    view the ir led through a web cam or a cell phone cam...
    it ll glow and u can see it glowing if it is working....
    then move ahead towards the receiver..
    tsop is an excellent receiver, low chance of its malfunctioning....
    if u thought u r the only mad person on the planet.......u got serious competition here

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