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Thread: An Online Electronics Components Storefront

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    Default Build and scale the online shop gradually

    Hi Sanjibm,
    I am with you. To cater the indian electronics enthusiastics you don't need to open a full fledged online order system and credit card payment. May be you can create a simple website listing all the components, price, minimum order quantity and so other details. You can ask the purchasers to make payment through demand draft or check. and send the ordered parts through courier. you will certainly get lots of support from online guys like us. you can expand the business as u reap more profit and make it completly online transaction.
    as far as importing issue arises u can import in small quantities from online retailers from US or any where and sell it us say at 10% profit. this will encourage lots of guys to get components from india even though at slightly higher price. delevery time will be greatly reduced. as number of orders pick up u can directly import from company. i myself am planning to get 10 IR ranger gp2d12 from US.
    please let us know what other issues are there to be solved. we will discuss. we are all looking forward for online robot store.
    may be we can encourage some of the guys to make modules like sonar range finder, microntroller board, pcb. and sell it through online shop. students will be earning pocket money through this part time ventures and beginners will be greatly benfitted.
    please post ur opinions


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    if u are planning to sell distance sensors, then u already have a prospective buyer. i want acroname srf08 by some indian company or vendor. plz start it as soon as possible.
    Subhasis Behera
    If you are not living on the EDGE, then you are wasting space...

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    Thanks for all your comments!

    At the moment, I'm still creating a basic portal to display the categories and products, and engaged in identifying local component sources.

    As I've pointed out earlier, the main hurdle is establishing the infrastructure for supplies.

    Any of with an interest and good contacts/experience are welcome to send me a private message if you would like to help out in a larger capacity.


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    Default GReAT IDea SANJIB

    GREAT idea...There is lot of need of servo,stepper,rf modules in india..
    It will be very helpful..
    Plz make it online as soon as possible..


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