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Thread: New Look for Robotics India

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    Default New Look for Robotics India

    Well i was thinking of changing the look to Ri and have in mind a new look which will fit well with the robotics india site . But i thought why not ask the users before going in for a template change !!! . So i have posted an snapshot of both the templates side by side in a single image ( thanx to my dual monitor config ) ) , remember image is quite BIG .

    Have a look

    Leaving the content out and going for the looks right now here are a few details ...

    The new look - A well done CSS dirven template , presents a very professional look while being extremly light to download . The robot is taken from the i Robot movie .

    The old look - a standard moified nuke template .

    Please post your votes and comments on what you think ....

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    I think what we have right now is better than bright orange,

    Not telling to discourage you, The template is fine but this simple blue white combination is well,

    I am more interested is in easy navigation and simple to understand.

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    Default new design


    I feel the new design looks much better...And a change is always nice..anytime.

    It would give a fresh look to RI.

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    Default This one !


    The new look is good but i think we must stick to the the current simple and easy to navigate template.

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    i thought tht the orange robo in the pick looked a little... cheesy

    but then i've always had a soft spot for lightish blue, and silver-steel
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    Default newer idea is kewl

    hey i would be glad if u could rather use the irobot theme in blue, just like it is now.

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