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    Default clap switch


    general description
    used to turn a device on or off by sound only, eg; clap. when triggered in ckt. it will stay on or off till triggered again.

    how it works
    ckt has 2 stages - preamp usin trans. q1 4 amplifying mic signal. second consists of 2 transistors q2 and q3 as a FLIP FLOP. (can some one explain this part of the circuit to me.)
    flip flop is triggere by preamps o/p. it in turn triggers o/p transistor q4 which controls relay. (can someone explain connection of a 5-pin relay to me. is my interpretation at the bottom of the page correct.).
    with each change of state of the FLIP FLOP o/p transistor will be forced to chage state being on or off. this in turn turns the relay on or off. relay is changeover type and it's contacts are rated 220 v/ 3a/6a. microphone is condensor type 4 gr8er sensitivity.

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    Default clap

    Of the 5 pins , 2 are 'coil' and will be connected to -ve and +ve sides of any circuit.
    The three remaining pins are; SPDT- Single Pole Double Throw.
    "C" = common
    "NC" normally closed ( connected to Common when The relay is Off)
    "NO" normally Open (diasconnected but will connect to common when relay operates)

    If it is a 'sugar Cube ' relay with 3pins on one side and 2 pins on the other, The centre pin is C, the other two pins are + and -. The 2 pins on the other side are NC and NO, confirmed with a Multimeter continuity check.
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