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Thread: l297+l298

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    hi nmittal:

    ....missed the bus ( a misnomer sinse i never wanted one): NOW its patented and as "BEAM"....!

    My school kids were making these a decade before the patent!!

    Unfortunate, and astonishing: most people are selfish, henbce unsharing in their achievements and refuse to allow publication of their works. The fear of copyright.....The Right To Copy!!! Probably, I should respect their contention.

    Plenty of examples of 'Idea Hijacking" going on and the original author gets the second berth...or none at all.

    There's someone who has "invented electrostatic levitation and the subsequent "anti-gravity" machine in India, 45 years after a similar concept ...PATENTED but right now redundant!!

    This is the classical case of "Earnshaw's Law violation" , or is it "disproved!" , the subsequent "hijack" of some inventors' undocumented concept, and its expiry, the commercial success and the recent public rejection and blacklist of the levitation paradigm.

    True Inventions are subject to the Advt. Paradox wirth numerous historical corollaries dating back to the dark ages.

    If you peruse my RI profile, you'll find my passion for "analog " !!

    ...not to mention "wireless battery charger" , 'Electro-static levitator/ antigravity machine' , "omni wheel' etc., etc., which are documented in many places, including mine but unpublished and unclaimed.

    This is neither a 'Brag' nor a hijack. A lot of my students i've mentored are across the globe and can vouch for these, since THEEY made them.

    :wink: :wink: I wonder if there was some sceptical tone , if not a sarcastic note in your post. :!:

    An audio amplifier is the best bi-directional drive as most are complimentary pairs.. The components of any AF amp. nowadays is a power opamp that can assume +ve and -ve states. While the usage is 'analog' the action is 'tri-state'!!!

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    Almost everybody eats chicken eggs, but , no one eats fish eggs.
    (caviar is an exception only a very few can afford ! )
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    can anyone possibly give me the circuit using L297 and l298 to run the

    unipolar stepper motor .the circuit in the datasheet is for bipolar motor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rao
    I think I will come down to Bangalore before leaving..

    Gottta meet you Mr. Doce or is it Doc-el??l
    I'm also gonna be in bangalore this full summer. And would like to meet docel too !

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