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    Default Money or Equipments

    hi friends

    i would like to know ,what do you like as a PRIZE :money (>15,000 cash) or equipments (price>20,000) which are not available in india
    like STK500 ,AVR mk|| in system programmer,AVR jtag emulator, AVR butterfly ,ATmega32 and many more.
    so friends tell me .This will help us in increasing the participation
    in our college's techfest
    The site is under construction



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    Default Money!

    Hi Shushil!
    I feel the cash is a better idea. Most people will have invested/spent heavily already. Then, what you offer may not be of interest to the winner or he has it already. It will be difficult to satisfy the prize winner, more so it may leave him dissappointed with something he does'nt need.

    If it is a post-event, procure and post kind of thing, maybe OK. But still there will be dissappointment!

    The hard cash will satisfy EVERYONE, unanimously!! The smiles will go around their faces several times! :wink:

    Wish you and the Participants of Techniche' 06 all the best wishes!!
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    Thanks docel

    Basically i want to make available these stuffs which are not available in india. we generally want to get these stuffs in india ,but due to
    unavailability in india ,then we want to export these stuffs but due to high shipping cost +custom duty and other sort of things ,we don't get these stuffs under our budget.
    thats why i want rather to give cash ,it will better to give them these stuffs which are not available in india ,so that they can do even better in future and other competition.
    if i am wrong PLZ correct me.


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    hi friends

    just write your choice ,not necessarly explanation.

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    Ill go with money ... u never know what a person would like ... money lets him decide.

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