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Thread: Availability of UCN5804B chip In delhi

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    Default Availability of UCN5804B chip In delhi

    hi friends, can anybody tell me from where can i get UCN5804B stepper motor driver as i need it urgently in my project ?

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    Hello Gaurav,
    Officially, the chip is no more manufactured. But they are still available here in Mumbai. I bought mine for Rs.240 each 2 years ago from Cirkit Electronics, heres the complete address:

    Cirkit Electronics
    Drug House Bldg, 54-B, Proctor Road, Mumbai 400007
    2387 7777
    2380 0888
    fax: 2387 9355

    Hope this helps,
    Mohit Bhoite

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    Default hi mohit

    so, u bought it two yrs back, can u confirm if it is available now so that i can send a DD to get it .

    thanks a lot for te help.

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