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Thread: How to interface a sensor with computer?

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    Default How to interface a sensor with computer?

    hi friends, can anybody tell me how can i control a sensor from a computer ?

    The sensor will give the output as voltage signals which i have to interpret by the computer and accordingly, recieve its signals.So, what way can i do it?

    for eg. i am using LVDT, a displacement transducer to measure the displacements, so its voltage signals have to be read by the comp..Can anybody help me in this reard.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I think u want to read analog voltage on computer from a sensor. You can do it by using an ADC which will read analog voltage and convert it to digital.You can easily interface ADC with parallel port. I have given how to do it in my book for parallel port. Get it from yahoo group-booksbybibin.

    Bibin John

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    thanks yogi, for the suggestion.

    but do we need to have some program/software along with the ADC that will configure it(ADC) with the computer or can that software be bought from the vendor while purchasing the ADC chip??

    plz also suggest where can we get such ADC chip eg,ADC0804


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    Where are u belong to

    See the shops available in ur place.
    You have to use the same program. First u try to understand the logic then ask. Do some effort from your part

    Bibin John

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    Default @ yogi

    hi yogi, thanks for the attachments and ebooks that u sent to me on the yahoo group, they were very helpful, i have been studying them all through, they have given me a fair idea abt the circuitry and stuff.

    i also extensively searched abt the availability of Allegro's UCN5804B stepper driver in Delhi and also searched the entire Lajpat Nagar, Delhi abt it but couldnot find it there.That's why i had been asking u all abt it.

    also one more doubt that i have is do UCN5804B and ULN..... chips serve
    the same purpose, bcoz i have found people suggesting the latter as the stepper motor driver while people out here had used UCN... for their stepper motor driver. PLz enlighten.

    thanks a lot

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    I used ULN2003 and ULN2803. I never used UCN. see the datasheet and ur requirement

    Bibin John

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