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This document details the various syntax which you can use in the pages

To make link to another page , simply enclose non space link in double open and close square brackets


To link an external link


To use HTML use the HTML tags like

Im Bold and Italic using HTML

To show code simply put 4 spaces before the line

echo "Hello";

To insert an Image use the IMG tags enclosing thew source of image


To make this bold enclose in two star

**Im Bold **

To make italic enclose in two back slashes

Im Italic

To use headers simply use the # header number of equal signs

This is header 1

This is header 2

This is header 3

This is header 4

This is header 5

To put in a seprator use 4 minus signs

To use blockQuote use greater than sign

This is a blockquote.

To put a forced line break use 3 minus signs end with two extra spaces.

Lists can be shown by (*, +, and -)

  • Candy.
  • Gum.
  • Booze.

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